Mathilda with a Plant -Canvas Version-

Kansuke Akaike



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Medium: Stencil, spray paint with acrylic paint on canvas
Size: 727 × 530 × 20 mm (28.62 × 20.86 × 0.78 inch)
Edition: 1
COA: Exist

Year of creation: 2020

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“Mathilda with a Plant” is an alluring piece of art created by Japanese artist Kansuke Akaike using intricate stencils and an airbrush with acrylic paint on canvas. In addition to its elegance and subtlety, a fresh colour palette has transformed the piece into something truly unique.

In April 2020, Kansuke started his ‘Stay home art project’ where he has been posting portraits of celebrities requested by his Instagram followers. He says “I want to create artworks through this project that can be a source of emotional support for people staying at home right now”.

The plant depicted in the piece is like a security blanket for the girl, something she is emotionally attached to. Just like her, we are now relying on inanimate objects to be sources of comfort and healing because we are lacking human connection due to social distancing. Feeling isolated, she spends time with the plant which helps her maintain a sense of emotional balance.

We hope that “Mathilda with a Plant” is an art piece that provides you comfort and healing in your life because it was created with the specific purpose of supporting people in a precarious situation.