Unplugged Kurt Cobain (Pink)

Kansuke Akaike



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Medium: Stencil, spray paint with acrylic paint on paper
Size: 507 × 393 mm (19.96 × 15.47 inch)
Edition: 1
Signed and numbered
COA: Exist

Year of creation: 2021

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“Unplugged Kurt Cobain” is a spellbinding piece of artwork painted by Japanese artist Kansuke Akaike using intricate stencils and an airbrush with acrylic paint. The special edition of this artwork features a geometric cut-out in the background.

‘Stay home art project’ began with Kansuke’s yearning to create artwork through this project that could be a source of emotional support for people staying at home during the COVID-19 lockdown. He began posting portraits of celebrities requested by his Instagram followers in April 2020 and has, in total, unveiled portraits of 18 celebrities including athletes, musicians, and movie characters.

In May 2020, a portrait of Kurt Cobain was posted on Instagram as part of “Stay home art project”. This piece became the original idea for “Unplugged Kurt Cobain”. Kansuke posted the art with the caption “Music always saves us”. 

Looking back at the post on Instagram, it’s evident that Kansuke worked hard to create works of art that could be a source of emotional support for people. “Unplugged Kurt Cobain” is a brushed-up version that was created with the same motivation as “Stay home art project”. We hope that Kansuke’s works of art will bring some comfort into your life.