All I Wanna Do Is Just Be What I Wanna Be

Koichiro Takagi



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Medium: 4 colour letterpress print
Size: 300 × 300 mm
Edition: 50
Signed and numbered
COA: Exist
Year of creation: 2023

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“All I Wanna Do Is Just Be What I Wanna Be” is a limited edition print created by Tokyo based artist Koichiro Takagi. This exquisite piece was created using letterpress printing with four colours.

Letterpress printing is regarded as one of the three great inventions of the Renaissance period, along with the microscope and the steam engine. The transition from hand-written copy to letterpress printing rapidly reduced the amount of time, energy and cost of printing as well as dramatically increasing the speed of knowledge and information sharing.

The invention of letterpress printing had as great a social impact in the Renaissance era as the internet has had today. Koichiro Takagi’s current works are created using this printing technique, invented some 580 years ago, that can be said to be one of the most pivotal in the history of mankind.

When asked about his his new piece, this is what Koichiro had to say:
“The concept of the work is like making an objection to the pressure to conform. Dogs, for example, do not blindly believe in authority, ideas, opinions, or customs, but rather live as who they are. I was trying to express this way of life.”

We hope that Koichiro’s works of art will bring some new perspectives into your life.