Who is PITS?

We are pleased to announce that original canvas and limited edition prints entitled Yellow Magic Orchestra will soon be available on our website! Release date: October 14th, Sunday, 21:00 (Japan time) Before releasing this exquisite piece, we would like to let you know a little bit about who PITS is. 

PITS was born in Aichi, Japan in 1980. Under the name of “PITS”, he began his career as an artist in 2005. He learned stencil techniques on his own through trial and error and started creating works of art specializing in stencil. Since stencil works were quite unique at that time, he has been recognized as a pioneer of stencil art in Japan.

PITS has regularly released limited stencil works online since 2010. His popular works of art Welcome spray, Fxxk the world #1 and Change the world immediately sold out. His achievement expanded the possibilities for stencil art in Japan. 

In 2014, PITS opened his solo exhibition titled “Love & Peace” in Nagoya, Japan. The collections, characterized by impactful images and powerful messages, were showcased for one month, fascinating hordes of visitors. The following year, he held another solo exhibition titled “Dreams” in Tokyo and became more popular by including elements of pop-art in his paintings.

His collection was also exhibited at ART BUSAN which was held in Korea for 2 consecutive years (2015 and 2016). Although exhibiting his controversial work Fxxk the world #1 was initially concerning to many because of the difference between Japanese and Korean religious perspectives, the message surprisingly struck a chord with Korean visitors as well as Japanese.

PITS established a fashion brand named “Discrown” in 2012. T-shirts created by his outstanding stencil techniques immediately enjoyed popularity and were sold at major select shops. In addition, Discrown became a topic of conversation among art fans when a member of a famous Japanese boy band wore his T-shirts. In recent years, he has also designed CD jackets and inner and outer walls of stores. PITS is expanding the possibilities for his creations.

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