Who is RoamCouch?

We are pleased to announce that original canvas and limited edition prints entitled Yellow Magic Orchestra will soon be available on our website! Release date: October 14th, Sunday, 21:00 (Japan time) Before we release this stunning piece, allow us to introduce you to the artist. 

Ryo Ogawa (a.k.a RoamCouch) was born in Gifu, Japan in 1976. He began to draw in his childhood, influenced by Japanese comics. At the age of 18, he started working as a designer. During this period, he was diagnosed with a serious illness and relegated to bedrest. During this eye-opening experience he began to rethink his life and career and subsequently made up his mind to become an artist. 

In 2011, now dubbed “RoamCouch”, he began his transition into a full-time artist. Immediately, his exquisite and romantic style gained popularity among art fans. When his first screen print titled Rainbow inc. (Edition 100) was released online, the system crashed due to overwhelming demand.

His outstanding stenciling techniques drew much attention and snowballed in popularity. Since his stenciling sheets were extremely intricate, it was suspected that his sheets may have been cut by machine, not by hand. Releasing a video of himself cutting sheets by hand quickly dispelled this suspicion. RoamCouch was now vindicated as an artist with an astounding technique.

From 2012 until present, he has been involved in a number of group exhibitions around the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Malaysia and Japan. In 2014, he opened his first solo show titled “A Beautiful Life” at Under The Bridge Gallery in New York and achieved an amazing feat of selling out the entire collection. His limited edition prints regularly sell out with every release. Especially popular prints When You Wish Upon A Star ‒ Venice (Edition 100) and Nadeshiko (Edition 100), both took less than a minute to sell out.

RoamCouch started a project named “Emotional Bridge Project” in 2014 and has painted murals voluntarily to revitalize his hometown. His aim is to attract art fans to his hometown by publicly exhibiting his works of art. In addition, Emotional Bridge Project has expanded opportunities for the local people, especially kids, to be exposed to art. His efforts were broadcast by the NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation) nationwide. In 2017, his second solo show titled “Memories” took place in Tokyo, Japan.

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