Deep Forest

Dawid Planeta



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Medium: 7 colour screen print
Size: 411 × 611 mm  (16.18 × 24.05 inch)
Edition: AP
Signed and numbered
Year of creation: 2019

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“Deep Forest” is a limited edition screen print created by Polish artist Dawid Planeta. This addictive art piece is the very first artwork in his most recognizable series “Mini People” and has become a catalyst for his popularity as an artist.

The “Mini People” series was created to explore Planeta’s personal experience with depression, visualizing his mental journey through dark times. Each piece of art in this series has its own mythical story with universal values and tells a story, creating the opportunity for the viewer to learn what is important to them.

In order to help the viewer to deepen their understanding of the story, every art piece in this series is matched with a meaningful quote. “Deep Forest” is paired with the quote “Never go into the deep parts of the forest, for there are many dangers there, both dark and bright, and they will ensnare your soul.” by America author Robert Beatty.

We encourage you to listen to the story Planeta weaves and try to discover your own journey through his creations.