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Medium: Acrylic paint on wooden panel
Size: 515 × 728 × 23 mm (20.27 × 28.66 × 0.90 inch)
Edition: 3
COA: Exist
Year Of Creation: 2020

*”Tuki” is a made-to-order painting, so it takes about 30 days from order to delivery.

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Tuki is a masterpiece from the “Graphic Pattern Series*”, painted with acrylic, by Japanese artist Sal

Specifically, the basis of Tuki was first created on computer and then hand painted onto wooden panel by using a rough sketch created by the computer. Therefore, it contains hand painted warmth with digital texture. Using a keen sense of imagination and with inspiration from nature, Sal painted Tuki in a highly decorative manner in order for the viewer to be able to interpret it in various ways. Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase Sal’s masterpiece Tuki.

*Graphic Pattern Series is Sal’s collection of paintings integrating 3 factors including “graphic art”, “graffiti” and “Rinpa”. Rinpa, born almost 400 years ago, can be described as a Japanese school of art using a highly decorative style of painting.