Water girl/Izanami -Special Colorway with Silver Glitter-




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Medium: Stencil, spray paint with glitter on Hon-minoshi (Japanese handmade paper)
Size: 324 × 493 mm (12.75 x 19.4 inch)
Edition: AP
Signed & Numbered: Exist
COA: Exist
Year Of Creation: 2019

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Water girl/Izanami- is a prominent work of art stenciled with glitter by RoamCouch and spray-painted onto Hon-minoshi, considered one of the most elegant Japanese handmade papers. It was inscribed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2014.

The intent of his creations is to fuse traditional Japanese culture with graffiti art and Water girl/Izanami is the one in which RoamCouch finally embodied his ideal to blend the two elements. In addition, he challenges himself with this piece to create a work of ukiyo-e for modern times. 

Hon-minoshi, with its high durability, actually increases in whiteness after coming into contact with UV rays. Because of this trait, the expression of these works of art can improve with time. You would, therefore, be able to appreciate these artworks for up to several hundred years into the future.

Hon-minoshi has grains and wrinkles because the whole process is done by hand. These should not be considered flaws but unique variations of each piece. Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase his new field Water girl/Izanami.