うそつき (Liar)

Chiaki Ishimatsu



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Medium: Pen & Gansai Japanese watercolor paint on illustration board
Size: 420 × 297 × 2 mm (16.54 × 11.69 × 0.079 inch)
Edition: 1/1
COA: Exist
Year Of Creation: 2019

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うそつき(Liar) is a fascinating art piece created with pen and Gansai Japanese watercolor paint by Japanese artist Chiaki Ishimatsu. Remarkably, she won 6 prizes for her art last year alone and was chosen for the 10th Anniversary Special Prize “Adachi Ukiyo-e Award”. This award is organized by the Adachi Institute of Woodcut Prints, famous for creating “Mt. Fuji in Seven Colours”, painted by contemporary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama in 2018. Her work is highly regarded among people involved in the art field.

The extremely talented Chiaki consistently paints “Fubijin-ga (Pictures of non-beautiful women)”. All of her paintings, especially “Fubijin-ga”, question the narrow perspective of beauty in society and propose the importance of a broader perspective of it. Her works of art would encourage you to expand your scope and lead you to discover the hidden beauty all around us. Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase her stunning art pieces.