Believe Your Dream -Special Edition-

Koichiro Takagi



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Medium: Lacquer stencil & acrylic paint on paper
Size: 420 × 297 × 2 mm (16.54 × 11.69 × 0.078 inch)
Edition: 10*
Signed and numbered
COA: Exist

Year of creation: 2020
*The special edition is available in 10 different one-off colourways.

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“Believe Your Dream” is a limited edition piece created by Tokyo based artist Koichiro Takagi. The special edition is available in 10 different one-off colourways.

Koichiro Takagi is an incredible artist who combines a variety of artistic techniques including embroidery, stenciling, painting, and screen printing. Among multiple mediums, stencilling has had the most vital influence on Takagi’s past and current work. It is the core means of expression for him as an artist and “Believe Your Dream” was created using this essential medium.

Including this piece, Takagi’s works of art frequently contain contrasting elements in a proper balance, such as themes and objects from Western religions alongside texts and tattoos that evoke underground culture.

According to Takagi, the image of the robe-clad tiger depicted in the piece is meant to represent a being purifying the negative energy currently filling our world and radiating back hopes and dreams.

We hope that experiencing Koichiro’s art can give you at least temporary relief from this somber atmosphere that we are all currently dealing with. And let’s all do our best to stay safe so we can get back to living out our hopes and dreams.